The Stand - Fringe 07

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4th-27th August
(Not 13th)
START TIME - 16:30
2nd August (18:00)
3rd August (16:30) 
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The people's King of the Fringe puts the unconventional on the agenda.

Simon Munnery, Chairman Of The Bored and six times Boothby Graffoe Award Winner, presides over a year's worth of musings, jokes, anecdotes and poems in his much anticipated annual Edinburgh jaunt.

Coming fresh from Glastonbury and a run at the Soho Theatre, the Annual General Meeting returns to its spiritual home at The Stand Comedy Club.

Fun will be had and laughter too (not guaranteed); weeping is not permitted, other than backstage. Topical references will be strenuously avoided, blatant lies bellowed and the truth whispered in a plaintive voice indistinguishable from a kitten's mewl.

The agenda is as follows:

• Almost musical duo Mac & Mun will entertain on entry and provoke mass exodus at the close, such is the power and versatility of their sound.

• Artist, lover, drummer and Edinburgh's drunkest DJ Comrade Mac will be permitted to play one record during the four minute interval. During this time, the audience will be invited to submit motions on scraps of paper. A mysterious selection process will ensue in which seven motions shall be selected for discussion and the rest consigned to compost without further ado.

Doctor Professor Sir Maurice Chutney will regale the mob with his lecture on Women's Studies, mit diagrams aplenty and controversy galore.

Mr Alan Parker Urban Warrior will undoubtedly pop in and expound on his views.

• Ozzie love poet G'day McClancy shall unleash his latest.

Last year, a nameless reviewer-timid parents- described the AGM as ‘the closest comedy gets to modern art'. This year, in an attempt to achieve the impossible feat of becoming modern art, the AGM will feature slightly less jokes and a little more painting. But even if the impossible is achieved and finally the AGM is recognised as art, what category of art would it be in? Shit art; that is, art that is perilously near comedy.

If you've been in AGM attendance before, you don't need us to convince you to return. If you're a first-timer, don't miss your chance to help the harmonica-playing, occasionally bucket-headed Fringe Institution Simon Munnery toast his umpteenth year of Edinburgh-based tomfoolery. A man who surely has his fingers on the trophy for ‘Most Consecutive Edinburgh Fringe Appearances', Simon Munnery's yearly order of business is the very definition of a Fringe show- wilfully eccentric, utterly unpredictable and uninhibitedly hysterical.

Press Quotes

'One of the most original and talented comedians in the country' Observer

'The event of the year… the most rewarding confection in live comedy'
Sunday Times



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