The Stand - Fringe 07

In a city where, come August, no granny annex is left unconverted in the quest for venues, The Stand attracts the best and brightest simply by being a venue that lives for its performers and its punters. You won't be stuck behind a pillar in a chilly church crypt and they won't have to work a room with all the soul of an aircraft hanger. Comedians play The Stand for pleasure, not obligation. Join them and reclaim the true nature of the Fringe- it's intimate, it's raw and it's hysterical. The unpredictable is actively encouraged- blandness not so much.

The Stand has dedicated itself to building a reputation within the comedy industry that's second to none. Comedians know that by performing here they never have to play it safe- and their artistic risks far outweigh any financial ones. In a city that's famous for its broken dreams and maxed-out overdrafts, The Stand has proved that it's possible to keep ticket prices down and actually pay performers. And, as you'll discover, a comedian that's not bankrupt and disillusioned is a comedian that's got a lot more to give his or her audience.


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