The Stand - Fringe 07
Francesca Martinez   BIG HITTERS

With sold out national tours and mantelpieces groaning under the weight of awards, top draw stand-ups make The Stand their Edinburgh home when they have nothing left to prove. These aren't performers desperate for a C5 panel show, these are comedians who thrive in front of the live audience.

Returning to The Stand after his most successful Fringe ever is the impossibly prolific Canadian Phil Nichol. After just completing his first major UK tour, there was only one Edinburgh venue where Phil wanted to premiere his all-new solo show.

After accompanying you into the wee small hours in 2006 with his Honourable Men of Art, Daniel Kitson will again cast his spell over the late night thrill seekers. Tickets are like gold dust whenever the elusive Mr Kitson appears live, so expect packed out adoring crowds during his exclusive Stand Fringe run.

After a leave of absence, previous Fringe favourites have chosen The Stand as a natural comeback venue. One of the most exciting and accomplished young comedians in the country Francesca Martinez joins us post-Broadway and Extras with her cuttingly honest and entirely banter-free show.

The Stand's crowning glory, its weekend Late Club, has proved to be the only late night haunt on the Fringe that regularly convinces names who can fill concert halls across the world to return to their roots. When Dylan Moran, Johnny Vegas, Sean Lock and Adam Hills come knocking, you know you're something special.


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