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4th-26th August
(Not 13th)
START TIME - 14:55
2nd August (18:15)
3rd August (15:05)
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This Fringe, the truth will out...

You should normally prepare for anything when razor-sharp Geordie Jason Cook takes to the stage. But this Fringe, Jason has gone one step further and set himself the ultimate comedian's challenge- to perform a show without embellishment, exaggeration or poetic licence. A show that's 100% true.

Previously compelled by the hen party and office crowd to pepper his storytelling with knob gags in order to meet their desired filth quota, every single word in Jason's new show is fact. A collection of 'confessions', Jason examines his own misdeeds and inadequacies, from the stupidly hilarious to the deeply moving.

Turning his dark, offbeat and irreverent style on himself has proved a cathartic experience for Jason, unearthing things about himself he'd probably rather have kept under wraps. 'I think there are bits in all of us that we wouldn't like to admit are there' says Jason 'but it's easier to deal with them if you see someone talking about those things and easier still if they're taking the mick out of them'.

Cook is one of the great hopes of the UK circuit- an act that's close to the edge, but always intriguing and blessed with the sort of charm that'll have you laughing in spite of yourself. When Metro says he 'makes Doug Stanhope look like a Girl Guide' you get the measure of how acerbic Jason's outlook is. It has also been remarked that Mr. Cook also bears a striking resemblance to Herr Karl Karl of one of the world's foremost techno bands, Die Clatterschenkenfietermaus.

Join Jason for true confessions that will drag you in and refuse to let go. His new solo show is moving, personal and very funny too- no lie.

Press Quotes

'One of the brightest solo talents on the UK circuit… Prepare to be moved'

'I'm not sure whether it's his northeast accent or a testament to his warm-hearted delivery of even the vilest of subjects, but he creates and sustains an almost familial atmosphere'



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