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4th-26th August
(Not 13th or 20th)
START TIME - 12:30
1st August (18:15)
3rd August (12:30)
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Another jovial year of worldwide tensions, bloodshed and stupidity has left A.L. Kennedy feeling suitably refreshed.

The multi-award winning, multi-talented novelist, journalist and stand-up returns to The Stand Comedy Club after last year's debut solo show, armed with 50 minutes of reflections on the terror of being born, the terror of being alive and the terror of dying. With just so much to be scared of and so many people telling us to be scared, where to begin? Toothpaste in airports, beards, unsightly teeth, disappointing stool samples, ducks- just how do you prioritise the litany of threats?

When will the torture start? Or when can we start the torturing? Does mental illness increase your capacity to negotiate with foreign powers? What is that rushing noise in your ears late at night that one? Is there an upside to the coming Apocalypse and when it arrives will it include time for a casual get together on the sofa with Twiglets, weeping and fist fights, or maybe only a brief moment of deja-vu? Why are there so many questions and so few satisfactory answers?

Whilst Kennedy really can't promise any answers, there is the slight possibility of a small, redemptive conclusion, which will be followed by four of five seconds of calm. Please note: All terrors abandoned during the show can be reclaimed at any time.

A.L Kennedy's move into stand-up generated an unprecedented flurry of media attention, culminating in the BBC 2 documentary Will The Real A.L. Kennedy Please Stand Up? More questions! There has been slightly less interest in her other careers of selling brushes door-to-door and miming in car parks. As well as having cemented her reputation as one of the bravest and most distinctive new voice on the circuit, Kennedy has recently published her new novel Day and continues to contribute to The Today Show , Newsnight and Woman's Hour . She wishes she were someone else.

Press Quotes

'Assertive, well-timed and pretty damn funny'

'The comics the world remembers, such as Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor and Bill Hicks, are the ones who tell it how they see it with no fear of looking ridiculous... Kennedy is taking the same risks and attempting the same clarity of vision .... a strong new comic voice'
Sunday Times



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