The Stand - Fringe 07

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3rd -4th, 10th-11th,
17th-18th, 24th-25th
START TIME - 23:45
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The ultimate Fringe nightcap.

For eight nights only, The Late Club at The Stand Comedy Club is simply the best place on the Fringe to welcome in the wee small hours.

Each night promises an unbeatable line-up of the very best live comics around, performing in their natural comedy club habitat. We don't shoehorn them into a hastily re-branded lecture hall or church cellar and expect them to work their magic- that's why our Late Club is pencilled into every major stand-up's diary. If they're not on the stage, chances are they're in the crowd- they know it's the best late-night hang-out in the whole city and now you do, too.

Because The Stand is Edinburgh's only full-time, dedicated comedy club, we know that you come to a late night comedy show for the comedy. The Late Club isn't a baying bear pit and it's not an open forum for the most inane and inebriated of hecklers. Instead, it's a world-class showcase for huge TV names to let their hair down and return to their live roots, for sell-out Fringe hot tickets to try something new and for festival debutants currently generating the biggest word of mouth to perform at one of the most atmospheric nights on the Fringe.

The fact that comedians play The Late Club for the love of the crowd rather than to simply add to their Fringe ubiquity is born out by the roster of previous performers. A who's who of the comedy world, the likes of Johnny Vegas, Sean Lock, Adam Hills, Daniel Kitson and Dylan Moran have all forsaken their cocoa in favour of giving audiences their most memorable night at the festival. The Late Club has a line-up you just won't find anywhere else.

At just 12 for over two hours of primetime weekend entertainment with a well-stocked late bar, our great value is pretty unique too.

With each performance a guaranteed star-turn and a crowd that know how to show their appreciation, The Late Club at The Stand is undoubtedly the big fat cherry on the Fringe's cake. A real midnight feast- enjoy!

(All line-ups subject to last minute change)

Friday 24th August - Stephen K Amos, Mrs Barbara Nice, Tony Law, Steve Hughes and Arnab Chandra.

Saturday 25th August - Bruce Devlin, Stewart Lee, Andre Vincent, Colin Murphy and Frank Sanazi.


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