The Stand - Fringe 07
Martin Soan

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A Family Comedy Without The Family!

A stream of gags. A mountain of props. An avalanche of material. Unprecedented stupidity. And one poor bugger buried underneath.

The obvious question is why? But when The Face compares you to 'Tommy Cooper on acid' and Clive James says you're 'the funniest thing I've ever seen', you might well be on to something.

Martin is as far removed from your run-of-the-mill stand-up as its possible to get. His quick-change gag artistry is the stuff of alt comedy legend. He amuses and amazes with his extraordinary use of everyday objects; in his hands, U-bends, head gaskets and electric drills provoke awed delight and send audiences away with enough mental imagery to keep them guffawing well into the next week.

With countless homemade props to choose from, Martin thrives on confounding expectation and piling on the silliness. From his 99p elastic-band based re-enactment of Michael Jackson's Thriller video to intricate tableau's of historical greats, fictional heroes and the unknown, you'll be unable to resist Martin's low-fi, high energy whirlwind.

In Soan Alone, you can witness the culmination of over 30 years experience of visual comedy and props magic. Mind-bendingly surreal and colourful, everyone will fall under Martin's spell. Martin Soan might be all alone in his long-awaited solo show- bar the occasional intervention from his assistant Sally Day as Marilyn Monroe-, but you should really bring the whole family to witness his stupendously silly magic.

The indefinably brilliant Martin Soan changed the comedy landscape as we know it. This Fringe, The Stand is giving you the rare opportunity to experience this metamorphosing madman up close and personal.

Press Quotes

'As a comedian, Martin is a hit... as a performance artist he is exceptional and as a quick-change artist he is a genius'
Chris Evans

'The finest visual imagination I've seen from a comic'
Malcolm Haye, Time Out



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