The Stand - Fringe 07

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3rd-26th August
(Not 13th)
START TIME - 18:30
1st August (22:15)
2nd August (20:55)
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The Post-Menopause has never been so infectious!

Crack open the latest Take A Break and brace yourself for an uplifting experience with the Stockport born mother of five and lover of a bargain, Mrs Barbara Nice. Having been compared to everyone from Janis Joplin to the Shake 'n' Vac woman, the housewife extraordinaire is returning to The Stand Comedy Club on a mission.

Worried by our world of ever-diminishing friendliness, our heads always down for fear of catching someone's eye, Barbara is here to extol the virtues of saying ‘Hiya!'. We need to stand proud, be open and look the world right in the eye- or we won't feel the benefit! After all, if no man is an island, why do we try and hide from our neighbours when we spot them in the Supermarket aisles?

Barbara wants us all just to jump in and say 'Hiya'! It's like having a swim- you don't always fancy it, but you always feel better after.

With a friendly, inclusive atmosphere, home truths and unique insights into the human condition, Hiya and Higher aims to do for waving and comedy what The Lives of Others has done for surveillance and film. In addition, Barbara will be manning the raffle, as nothing unites strangers like a book of cloakroom tickets, a box of Milk Tray and unbridled competitiveness.

You'll find it impossible not to get swept along by the woman Daniel Kitson dubbed 'the benign dictator'. Barbara is a giddy, joyful celebration, not satire, of suburbia and the everyday. Like going round to your best friend's house for tea, make sure you're 'prepared for the mothering of your life' (Yorkshire Online)

Because she has a true lust for life, Barbara will also be stage diving. Hiya and higher!

Barbara's alter ego Janice Connolly is familiar to millions as the god-fearing barmaid Holy Mary in Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights and Max and Paddy . She also appeared as Peter's mam in Coronation Street and supported Patrick MacGuiness on his sell-out national tour.

In keeping with current concerns, Barbara is ergonomically correct. She doesn't drive and instead traverses the country by National Express coach. Her husband knows nothing of her burgeoning comedy career and assumes she's spending this August dog sitting or at Bingo.

Press Quotes

'She's back!'

'A warm and wonderful act, an enthusiastic, livewire force of nature it's hard not too love'

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