The Stand - Fringe 07

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3rd-26th August
START TIME - 21:40
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Unlike most venues you'll visit on the Fringe, The Stand Comedy Club doesn't pack up its bags and head back down south come September.

Instead, we're busy being the long-acknowledged heart of the Scottish comedy scene. The Stand continues to be at the forefront of nurturing the brightest local talents, a unique space that gives equal stage time to those with five minutes, 40 minutes or a career's worth of material behind them. Scottish comedians are born at The Stand, flourish at The Stand and return to The Stand after they're done conquering the arenas of the world. So who else would you trust to bring you the cream of Scottish talent this Fringe?

Best of Scottish Comedy is an ever changing mix of top compere, two headline acts and some cheeky upstarts making the biggest waves on the circuit.

Incomparable comperes

The job of supervising an hour and twenty minutes jam-packed with laughs is not one to be taken lightly. That's why we'd only trust The Stand's charismatic resident comperes with the task. Whether its fiesty Susan Morrison, in-your-face Raymond Mearns, heckler-decimating Joe Heenan or BBC Radio Scotland morning regular Fred Macaulay, you'll be in safe hands. There's not a crowd alive that they can't whip up into a frenzy or a room in the world that won't fall under their spell.

Not one but two sensational headline acts

Contrary to our dietary prognosis, the state of Scottish comedy has never looked healthier. What's more, a straw poll of virtually any of the current crop of Scottish comedians wowing the crowds up and down the country will tell you they took their first tentative stand-up steps at The Stand Comedy Club.

Whether its current darling Frankie Boyle stealing the show on Mock The Week and Eight Out Of Ten Cats or Des Clarke's motormouth patter making him one of the most sought-after headliners in the country, 21st century comedy looks set to have a distinctly Scottish accent.

As well as encouraging the likes of Frankie and Des to leave the bright lights for exclusive Fringe appearances, Best of Scottish Comedy will also be persuading comedy masters of the calibre of David Kay, Parrot and John Gillick to pick up the mic.

Top new talent

As the country's only dedicated comedy academy, we're in pole position to spot the very best talent Scotland has to offer. We've sat through far too many open mic nights than can possibly be good for us and as a result have nurtured and supported the real gems that filter through. In 2006, Best of Scottish Comedy provided a unique opportunity for its most promising newcomers to strut their stuff on the international stage. The likes of Susan Calman, Gary Little, Kevin Bridges, Paul Pirie and Keir McAllister showed us what they were made of and have now gone on to turn professional and garner rave reviews across the board. Now it's the turn of the class of 2007 to more than hold their own against their homeland's heavyweights. We know they're the names to watch and, with our reputation, you should really take our word for it.

Lovingly curated by those most passionate about Scottish comedy, Best of Scottish Comedy is a raucous, witty and all-embracing introduction to your temporary country of residence. And all for less than the cost of a tartan bunnet and a ghost tour.

(All line-ups subject to last minute change.)

Saturday 25th August - Raymond Mearns, Stephen Carlin Billy Kirkwood. Hosted by Susan Morrison.

Sunday 26th August - Dougie Dunlop and Wendy Wason. Hosted by Raymond Mearns.


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