The Stand - Fringe 07

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3rd-26th August
(Not 13th)
START TIME - 22:15
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Last year, Tom enjoyed Edinburgh so much he's still not left. This year, the phenomenally talented Canadian will be wowing his adopted home town with his Setlist.

The King of laid-back, chilled out, smart and surprising comedy is throwing down the gauntlet to his audience. How does a comedian decide what goes in his setlist each night? How does he gauge what each audience can handle? How far can he take it? And is the audience gonna be brave enough?

Tom takes us behind the curtain to look at how a joke is born, to find the root and conclusion to some of his most legendary, controversial material. Every night will be an unpredictable insight into the hilarious yet complex mind of a comedian, his jokebooks and his willingness to take the gag and the audience to places they've never been...

Tom's magnetic stage presence has seduced audiences the world over. Hugely in demand as a headline act in the UK and Internationally, an hour in his presence is an experience to be treasured. You'll devour line after killer line to the point where you'll find him as 'pore-openingly brilliant' as The Scotsman did.

Slick, laidback and confident onstage, his offbeat standpoint ensures his material is all-encompassing. Familiar or obscure, subtle or provocative- Tom is a consummate comedian whose observations of the world we live in are gifted in their conception and exquisitely funny in their execution. Switching seamlessly from everyday laughs of recognition to jokes that test your knowledge of the theory of relativity, there is nothing out of his range. He's not afraid to plumb the darker recesses of the soul and you'll be so charmed, you'll happily follow him down there.

Tom is a naturally gifted, effortless comedian with a charisma you'll never forget. Come and find out why...

Press Quotes

Why he's not talked about in the same reverential terms as his North American contemporaries is a mystery'
***** Herald

'Killer lines while deconstructing the art of stand-up'
**** List

'The truly stunning Tom Stade'
**** Guardian

'Original, astute and hilarious, quite controversial and somewhat rude'

'Enough confidence and charm to fill an aircraft hanger... devastating punchlines 10/10'



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