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3rd-26th August
(Not 13th)
START TIME - 21:00
1st August (18:30)
2nd August (22:20)
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The globetrotting comedian parks his boots in Edinburgh after an eight year absence.

Nick Wilty's certainly not been slacking during his time away, with acclaimed appearances at the Auckland, Melbourne, Montreal and New York Comedy Festivals. He was the first stand-up comedian to play in Borneo and also performed that comedy circuit staple, a three night engagement at the National Theatre of Iceland. Managing to come to a standstill for a whole month, Nick now premieres his brand new show at The Stand Comedy Club.

Chronicling his true adventures and misadventures in the years B.C. (Before Comedy), the laidback raconteur recounts what led to the impressive tally of 38 jobs across 111 countries. From buying himself out of the British Army post-Falklands War service to becoming a professional comedian, Nick promises an autobiographical romp of Paraguayan bandits, drink and drug related shenanigans and generally trying to nearly snuff it across 4 continents. Nick effortlessly mines laughs from jaw-dropping 'it could only happen to me' horror stories- he's like the best pub mate you've never had.

But this breeziness belies one of the sharpest comedic minds around. These aren't just tales of empty bravado, rather impeccably fine-tuned anecdotes laced with deadly accurate wit. As Chortle puts it, his is a talent 'that allows him to straddle highbrow and lowbrow with equal aplomb'.

Nick's life has truly been one well lived and his confessional style mines this rich seam- he's as far removed as is possible from typically anaemic observational comedy. His return to inject his customary vitality into the Fringe is long overdue and hugely welcome. When Irvine Welsh memorably describes you as 'the f**king dog's b***ocks', how could Edinburgh not welcome you with open arms?

Press Quotes

'Try to beg a ticket, because this has to be the funniest show at the Comedy Festival. 27 stars (out of 5)'
Herald Sun, Melbourne

'The hit of the festival'
DB Mag, Adelaide



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